Monday, March 18, 2013

Several free Google tools to improve research skills

Most legal skills profs and their students already know about Google Scholar but perhaps you didn't know that Google also offers several online tutorials on how to sharpen your research skills.  More specifically, the tutorials explain how Google searches work and offer techniques for greatly refining your results.  Check out the tips and techniques available from the tutorial called Power Search here.  Another self-guided tutorial is called Advanced Power Search and is available here including exercises to test your new research skills.  There's a site called Google Search Education that offers several lesson plans for educators on different aspects of conducting effective search like "picking search terms," "understanding search results" and "evaluating the credibility of search results." All these lessons are organized based on user's skill level including ones for beginner, intermediate and advanced researchers.  While some of the lessons seem geared towards high school and college students, there are other lessons that relate to the use of Google Scholar which law students might find very helpful.


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