Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Report on ETL Conference 2012: The Development of Professional Identity in Legal Education: Rethinking Learning and Assessment

Last fall, Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers held a conference on developing students' professional identity.  You can find a Report on this conference here.

The Report describes the presentations:

"The presentations at the Conference were designed to foster intellectual engagement and growth among the Consortium schools around the topic of professionalism and educating for professional identity development by providing participants with a chance to interact with a number of researchers and recognized expert practitioners. Topics they addressed included learning theory and research on law students' moral development; there was also a comparative perspective from medical education. All presentations were designed to provide participants with state-of-the-field knowledge about how professional identity is conceived today and the kinds of educational strategies that seem most promising as a means to foster it."

The Report is very worth reading because it contains many innovative ideas on how to teach law students professional identity.

(Scott Fruehwald

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