Monday, March 4, 2013

New York Law School to offer civil servants scholarships to attend

Because some of them are full tuition scholarships, this is a win-win.  From The New York Law Journal:

City police officers, firefighters and other government workers interested in studying law are now eligible for scholarships from New York Law School. The new program, geared toward part-time students working at full-time jobs, will provide three full-tuition and 12 half-tuition scholarships beginning with this fall's incoming class.

Dean Anthony Crowell said he conceived of the idea because part-time law students who work in government, particularly members of law enforcement, have always added "depth and dimension" to discussions in classes he teaches. "This is an opportunity for them to reach their goal of obtaining an advanced degree while helping New York Law School reach our goal of serving New York and its citizens," Crowell said. Crowell's own background is in government: for 15 years he held various positions in city government, most recently as counsel to Mayor Michael Bloomberg before becoming law school dean last May.

Funding for the scholarships will come from alumni donations to the school and private donations for the scholarship specifically, Crowell said. Eligibility will be based on undergraduate GPA, LSAT score and a demonstrated commitment to community service.


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