Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New blog seeks to fill void left by departure of "Inside the Law School Scam."

Now that Professor Campos has stopped blogging at Inside the Law School Scam, another blog has popped up seeking to continue the fight that he and others have led to expose the pitfalls (some would say the foolhardiness) of attending law school given the current state of the legal profession and job market in particular. Called "Outside the Law School Scam," the authors (some of whom are anonymous) invite anyone who has something to contribute to the scamblog "movement" to join them as a contributing author.  From the inaugural post:

This blog proposes that we immediately push forward from where Inside the Law School Scam left off.  There were once many scamblogs and others who addressed the issues of law school reform, lawyer unemployment, rising tuition, student debt, and other life issues affecting those who decided to obtain law degrees and who are now struggling or succeeding.  Most have disappeared, and those that remain post only occasionally.  There are new writers too, commenters who made great contributions to the discussion at Inside the Law School Scam and on other blogs, who would make fine bloggers in their own right.  There is more than enough collective passion and creativity for us all to take this to the next level.

But regular blogging is hard.  It takes time.  And for many of us, time is something of which we have very little.  So here’s the proposition:

This blog, Outside the Law School Scam, will be a collaborative effort with no head writer.  If you want to write once a week, once a month, occasionally, or daily, please get in contact us via email and we will set you up as a contributing blogger, with full privileges to post pieces on this blog as you see fit.  If you are a lapsed scamblogger, you’re welcome to post here.  If you write elsewhere, you can also write here.  If you’re a law student, an applicant, someone who avoided law school, a graduate, a successful lawyer, an unemployed lawyer, a concerned law professor, we don’t care.  All are welcome to write here, to have their voices heard, to be more than just a comment on someone else’s blog.

The requirements of posts will be simple: (1) keep the tone as professional as Professor Campos did on Inside the Law School Scam, (2) keep the post relevant to legal education, life as an employed or unemployed lawyer, or student debt, and (3) keep the quality of the writing professional.


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