Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Essential legal research apps for the courtroom

Some great legal research tech tips from attorney@work that's part of a blog post called "Litigating With Your iPad . . . . on a Desert Island."

One of the very best things about having an iPad in court is that you have access to nearly your entire law library, all in a 1.44-pound device. If you are already a West or Lexis subscriber, you must use the WestlawNext or LexisAdvance app. They provide access to all the services of your favorite research provider. If you’re not a subscriber (or even if you are), download the free Fastcase app, which provides free, basic access to state and federal case law.

It’s also important to find an app with the rules and statutes for your relevant jurisdictions. While several apps provide access to rules and statutes, only one of them—AllLaw—provides them for all states. However, some of the other apps have better features, like LawBox, but only provide access to a limited number of jurisdictions. Search the App Store for [Your State] [Statutes or Rules or Law] and you’ll see what’s available to you.



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