Saturday, February 2, 2013

Some Law Reviews Move From ExpressO to Scholastica

For those old enough to remember the pre-ExpressO days, we recall duplicating our manuscripts and mailing them to a large number of law reviews. Time consuming and expensive, plus providing a great opportunity for acquiring paper cuts. ExpressO has enabled us to email our manuscripts to many law reviews at a very low price.

Now come a rival—Scholastica--which provides a similar service. At this writing, 26 journals have moved to this publishing platform. Here there are.  For each submission, Scholastica charges the submitter $5. For journals that receive large numbers of submissions, the price is negotiable.

Scholastica also services other, non-law journals and provides them with managerial services. I don’t know enough about Scholastica to opinionate on its attractiveness to law reviews. I do know that my school’s main law review receives around 2000 submissions each year. At $5 (or a little less) for each submission, the expense to professors and their law schools can multiply.

I hope some users of Scholastica will send us Comments.

I note that perhaps in response to the competition, ExpressO has upgraded:

Author "How To" Video Tutorial:

 FAQ for Authors:

 ExpressO Guide for Law Review Editors:


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