Friday, February 1, 2013

Are Foreign Students The Answer To The Drop In Applications At American Law Schools?

Yes, says Rob Howse in The Brilliant Future of America's Law Schools on the PrawfsBlawg.  He asserts that "The potential of America's law schools is only starting to be realized."  He continues, "The fact is that American law schools have a competitive advantage. To be sure there is excellent legal education in some other countries. But my considerable global experience suggests to me that those countries are few. In most places, legal education is dominated by old-fashioned rote learning and by professors who spend much if not most of their time in private practice. Innovation is rare and slow. Class sizes are often huge. . . .  overall the number of students with global ambitions, and the prevalence of English as a global language of law, are growing, from what I can tell."  He concludes that "Given the collective intelligence, knowledge and imagination in our law schools I'm bullish and, as part of the legal academy myself, proud to be."

(Scott Fruehwald)

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