Friday, January 4, 2013

Zig Ziglar Tells How to Get More Done

Zig Ziglar was a legendary consultant and motivational speaker. He advises to reflect on how productive we are just before a vacation and just after one:

Two nights before your vacation, you likely sat down with your laptop, iPad or even a piece of paper and listed all of the things that you had to complete the following day - your must do’s! ("I must do this and I must do that..."). Then, you mentally committed to completing them all before you left the office the next day.

On the morning of the day before your vacation, you arrived at the office on time -maybe even early. But you didn't head for the coffee machine or to catch up with co-workers. You headed straight for your office, shut the door and tackled the first must do on your list (the sign of a motivated employee). You probably also did things out of order. You took your least favorite task on the list and got it out of the way quickly, instead of having it hanging overhead all day long (the way you normally would). With that tough one out of the way, you were feeling pretty good, and so you tore into the next task on your list and then the next one after that. When someone came to chat about last night's football game or TV show, you politely but firmly informed that person that you were just too busy - and then you got back to business.

As you completed each of your must do’s, you felt your energy rising, so that by halfway through the day you were buzzing with a sense of accomplishment that drove your enthusiasm level even higher. Your obviously energized and enthusiastic demeanor began to motivate employees and colleagues around you. They started to ramp up their efforts and became similarly enthusiastic. The atmosphere in the office got a little extra spark and this lifted you even further. At the end of the day, you had all of your must do’s completed. You doubled or maybe tripled your performance on this day because you had to, so tell me… now that we know it is possible, why do we not do this on a daily basis? Think about it….if planning one day of your life can make such a radical difference in that day, think what a difference a game plan for life would make.

On this link, you can watch a video of Zig giving his advice.

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