Friday, January 18, 2013

Lexis to close Matthew Bender printing plant

It's another sign of the economic times. Although Matthew Bender titles will continue to be published by its parent company Lexis, it was announced this week that Matthew Bender's Albany, New York printing plant will be shuttered by 2014 resulting in the loss of 220 jobs. According to the Albany Times Union, the 126 year old facility has been a "centerpiece" of the local business community.  Lexis says the decision to close the plant is the result of economic pressure in the legal publishing industry to streamline costs.  Law Technology News has additional details:

LexisNexis to Close Matthew Bender Plant in Albany, N.Y.

LexisNexis, a legal software, workflow and content provider, notified the New York Department of Labor on Tuesday that it intends to close its Matthew Bender law book publishing plant in Albany, N.Y., by the end of 2014 for economic reasons. All told, the plant closing will eliminate 220 jobs in the state capital region.

Marc Osborn, senior director, public relations and communications at LexisNexis, informed LTN from New York that Matthew Bender's parent company initially filed the notice under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act on Tuesday "about changes over the next two years to 2014, when the [Albany] office will be closed." Osborn said that some positions will be eliminated or moved to operate the publishing business more efficiently.

The Albany location is Matthew Bender's main office, but is also home to other LexisNexis departments, including human resources and finance, according to Osborn, who confirmed that "LexisNexis is still committed to the print business." Matthew Bender's publications and treatises such as Energy Law and Transactions and Current Legal Forms With Tax Analysis, as well as their U.S. and state code compilations will continue to be edited and published by LexisNexis.


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Bender has also become a slow and erratic pay to outside authors, making excuses such as "problems with our accounts payable system." Except thos "problems" have been going on for almost a year. One has to wonder if the company isn't in financial difficulty.

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