Monday, December 10, 2012

What Useful Purpose Does the AALS Serve?

At the Professor Bainbridge blog, we get one answer: none. Stephen Bainbridge writes:

At Prawfs, Dan Rodriguez comments:

What are your good ideas for the AALS as an organization going forward, especially in these remarkably difficult times for legal education?  I have the opportunity to play a leadership role in the association for the next little while (being nominated as president-elect at the upcoming annual meeting).  My sense is that we can do much better as a group in furthering the myraid objectives of the law professoriate.  Moreover, I would like to use my (small) bully pulpit to advance objectives that are critical to our collective future.

I [Professor Bainbridge] have various thoughts to be sure.  What are yours?

The best thing we could do with the AALS is to disband it:

I can't think of one useful thing the AALS does except to provide a massive schmooze fest for faculty to network at taxpayer and student expense. And while that's fun, it doesn't justify the organization's existence.


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