Monday, December 10, 2012

Top iPad app recommendations for lawyers

These are courtesy of Brett Burney of Macs in Law via the blog Attorney@work:

[Here is] Burney['s] list of 10 he believes should be on any lawyer’s iPad: GoodReader, PDF Expert, Documents To Go Premium, Evernote, Noteshelf, Atomic Browser, LogMeIn, Lawstack, Keynote for presentations and TrialPad.
  • One of the best uses for the iPad in a law practice is to read and annotate documents. GoodReader has excellent annotation tools for PDF files, including the ability to highlight text and insert text boxes, sticky notes and comments. “It means I don’t have to carry around highlighters and sticky notes,” says Burney, and annotation tools like squiggly lines and arrows let you “get your John Madden on.”
  • PDF Expert is a must for creating simple fillable forms and getting graphical signatures on a document, says Burney. Say you download a PDF form from a court website onto your iPad. You could “open in” PDF Expert, fill in the form, ask your client to sign it, then save it and send it off—all online within the app.
  • There’s no Microsoft Office app for iPad, but there are apps that approximate it, like Documents To Go Premium. It lets you view and edit Microsoft Office documents. It’s good for basic text editing only, however, not formatting.
  • Sometimes those state court and government sites require Internet Explorer—and you’re out of luck in Safari. Atomic Web Browser gives you the ability to “identify browser as …” Internet Explorer or Firefox so that you can still view those sites from your iPad.


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