Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Professionalism Videos

Six new videos that dramatize professionalism issues for law students are now available free online. Widener Law Legal Writing Professors Mary Ann Robinson and Alison Kehner partnered with WoltersKluwer to create the videos as teaching tools. All the videos are brief – half are only about five minutes long – and they are punctuated with music and editing techniques that enliven the content for an up-and-coming audience.

The videos and related teaching materials are available here.

Some of the video stories establish that positive habits or traits developed in law school will pay dividends when professionalism challenges arise on the job. Others show different approaches to professionalism issues that surface in practice. Professors can use the videos individually or in a group, depending on classroom needs. Teaching materials available for each vignette are intended to foster conversations about the situations that play out in each story.

The vignettes explore:


Social Networking:

Misuse of Technology:

Anticipating Consequences: Managing Client Expectations:

Handling Mistakes:

 Self-Direction (& Law School Study Skills)


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