Thursday, November 8, 2012

New ETL Portfolio On International Business Negotiations

Improving teaching in law schools lies with the individual teachers.  As I've mentioned before, Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers has portfolios from expert teachers showing how they teach courses from Contracts to White Collar Crimes.  Jay Gary Finkelstein and Daniel D. Bradlow have just posted a portfolio here on International Business Negotiations.

The authors describe the course:

"Teaching students to be transactional lawyers requires innovation. Transaction documents provide no insight into the process of reaching agreement. Our course, in which students participate in an extended simulation exercise, brings the process of structuring and negotiating an international business transaction into the classroom. It allows students to learn how lawyers translate business concepts into legal agreements that meet their clients’ objectives, experience the demands of working collaboratively, learn about the impact of business transactions on society, and develop their negotiating skills. The simulated environment allows “mistakes” to become lessons and not malpractice. This course has been offered with the two negotiating teams located in one law school and at two different law schools."

(Scott Fruehwald)

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