Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Heart Transplant Anniversary

November 16 marks the 17th anniversary of my heart transplant. The anniversary is like a second birthday.  Back in 1995, I spent 4 months in the hospital waiting for my turn to get a new heart. I think for that year, I had the longest wait of any patient in the hospital.  Today, the typical wait is much longer, although patients usually wait a home longer.

At this point, I can expect to live a normal life span.  But for many, their lives end prematurely, because there are not enough hearts and other organs to go around. Yet, it’s so easy for healthy people to sign an organ donor card or to have “organ donor” stamped on their drivers licenses.

I think about my transplant every day. I celebrate the chance that I have been given to continue to live a full life.


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