Thursday, October 11, 2012

Yet another software innovation to replace lawyers

As reported by Law Technology News, Xerox released today a program that searches through and automatically redacts large volumes of documents in response to attorney prescribed  instructions.  But that's just the beginning.  The new program, which is a free feature added to Xerox's OmniX document review software, provides the supervising attorney with a report that explains the reasons for each redaction, a trail that tracks those decisions, and a "reverse redaction mode" that allows the user to instruct the software to redact everything but the specified items.

The Xerox rep points out that this is not a self-executing feature. The supervising attorney must work closely with their technology people to set the correct parameters for large volume document reviews.  But the expectation is that once the software is properly calibrated, it will save the clients lots 'o money that would otherwise be spent on having scores of attorneys review and redact those same documents.

Here's what one attorney said after seeing a demo of the OmniX redaction tool:

Richard Griffith, an associate at LeClairRyan, said he attended a Xerox demonstration of the automatic redaction feature and was impressed. LeClairRyan's e-discovery practice uses 10 to 15 different platforms based on client requirements, which has included OmniX for the past several years, he said. "It looks like a tool that will be very beneficial for teams that need to redact voluminous amounts of documents that have similar patterns," Griffith said, in Richmond, Va. "It's something that will definitely speed up a review workflow, assuming that you have the right people and the right processes to monitor the technology."

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