Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How many law schools will close in the next decade?

Professor Brian Leiter conducted a survey the other day in which he asked his blog readers how many law schools they think will close in the next decade before taking the survey off-line when it started drawing a non-academic audience. Fifteen percent of the total 323 respondents think no schools will close in the next ten years while a 61% majority expect one to ten law schools to close.  Professor Leiter's question assumes no change in the availability of federally-funded student loans. Of course if that changes, you'll likely see widespread, immediate closings of many (most?) law schools.

Here's the survey question followed by the results (click here to see a nice chart).

How many currently accredited ABA law schools (there are about 200) do you think will close over the next ten years? (Assume that there are no changes to federally guaranteed student loans and that there is a modest improvement in the job market for lawyers.)

´╗┐None - 15% (47 votes)

1 to 10 - 61% (196 votes)

11 t0 25 - 17% (55 votes)

26 to 50 - 6% (19 votes)

More than 50 - 2% (6 votes)

Click here to read Professor Leiter's comments about which schools he thinks are most vulnerable to closing.


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