Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Campos v. Indiana Tech Law School

In an article in today's Business Insider blog entitled Law School Ridiculed For Opening In The Middle Of History's Worst Law School Crisis, Professor Paul Campos takes to task the Dean of Indiana Tech Law School for starting a new school, which will be Indiana's fifth, at a time when the job market for new grads is abysmal.  But it was the following quote, though, that really provoked the Dean's ire:

"Chutzpah has been defined as murdering your parents and then pleading for mercy because you're an orphan," Campos wrote. "How about setting up another legal diploma mill in a hyper-saturated market, while claiming that what will set your school apart is its emphasis on 'ethics' and 'professionalism'?"

In response, Dean Peter Alexander sent an angry email to Campos, copying his "boss" CU Law Dean Phil Weiser, in which he calls Campos "shameless," "unprofessional" and says that equating murdering one's parents with opening up a new law school is "reprehensible." Though I agree 100% that we don't need any more law schools, Campos's analogy is still stretching things a wee bit.
But Campos hasn't backed down; instead he reiterated his belief in a short email to Dean Alexander that a new law school in this economy will merely enrich its backers while leaving the graduates financially worse for the wear.  You can read Dean Alexander's full email, and Campos's terse retort, both of which have been published at Inside the Law School Scam, by clicking here.


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