Friday, October 5, 2012

California law firm creates "Survivor" style job application process

Here's an job post from Craiglist's by a California firm that's inviting applicants to "compete" for a position "Survivor" style through a two week competition that will eliminate a candidate each day until only the "winner" is left standing. Yikes.

You must subject yourself to a rigorous, competitive evaluation process.

The Firm utilizes the following hiring process:

* All candidates are allowed to begin a paid contract legal assignment at $20.00/hour. If you apply you will be given an assignment.

* Each day the candidate with the weakest work product will be cut until one candidate remains. This process will take one or two weeks until the final candidate is offered on-going employment. If you have seen reality television shows where contestants are cut from episode to episode such as Top Chef, Top Shot or Project Runway -- it will be like this. Do you have what it takes to be Top Associate?

* If you want to participate you will come to the first day of hiring with your laptop ready to begin. You will be given a group orientation, and then an individual interview. You should be free to work 8 hours per day for the next two weeks to participate in the evaluation.

Hat tip to Above the Law via The Business Insider.


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