Wednesday, September 26, 2012

You can now hire services to take online courses for you

We all know that services have long existed which offer to write student academic papers for cash. Indeed, this guy has written a book about it (and says his services have even been used by law students). But perhaps you didn't know there's an emerging business that will offer to take an entire online course on your behalf for a fee. Inside Higher Ed has the story:

Paying for an A

The growth of the online education market appears to have spun off another, more surreptitious market – one that goes beyond the paper-writing services long available to less than honest students – and online educators are taking note.

A handful of websites have sprung up recently offering to take a student’s entire online class for them, handling assignments, quizzes, and tests, for a fee.

These sites make an appeal to the busy online student, struggling through a class they’re not good at or not interested in. The description of one site,, reads: "I’m sure you are here because you are wondering 'how will I have time to take my online class?' It may be that one class such as statistics or accounting. We know some people have trouble with numbers. We get that. We are here to help.”

Prices for a “tutor” vary. advertises a $695 rate for graduate classes, $495 for an algebra class, or $95 for an essay. When Inside Higher Ed, posing as a potential customer, asked for a quote for an introductory microeconomics class offered by Penn State World Campus, offered to complete the entire course for $900, with payment upon completion, and asked for $775, paid up front. Most sites promise at least a B in the course.

You can continue reading here. And an update here says that one of the companies profiled in the original IHE article has been busted, or at least gone into hiding, since the story first appeared.


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