Thursday, September 13, 2012

World’s Top Universities

From the Chronicle of Higher Education:

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has displaced the University of Cambridge in the top spot of the QS World University Rankings, one of higher-education’s most closely watched listings. A news release describing the results says that this year’s rankings reflect “a global shift in emphasis toward science and technology” and that MIT owes its new dominance to “its superior citation rates and student/faculty ratio, alongside an increase in international faculty.”

For 2012, the five top universities, in order, are MIT, Cambridge, Harvard, University of the City of London, and Oxford. In 2011, the top five, in order, were Cambridge, Harvard, MIT, Yale, and Oxford. It’s interesting how universities can improve and decline in just one year. J Still, the groupings remain pretty much the same. Think international U.S. News.


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