Sunday, September 9, 2012

Possible AALS Panel on Advancing Student Scholarship and on Advancing Joint Faculty-Student Scholarship

Professor Joan MacLeod Heminway (Tenn.) has asked us to pass along the following:

The Association of American Law Schools Committee on Research is considering putting on an AALS panel on (1) how we law professors can advance student scholarship and (related but separately) (2) how we can advance joint faculty-student scholarship. 

Most student law review notes (or other student articles) are written as independent study projects or, occasionally, as individual term papers in seminars.  But are there other approaches that you have seen tried or particular ways of structuring independent study projects or seminar term papers that have been especially successful?  Most faculty members don’t cowrite articles with students.  But have you seen techniques or approaches that helped such collaborative projects succeed—or ones that led them to fail?

 The Committee has asked us to identify some ideas that the panel can more closely explore, and we’d much appreciate any tips that you could pass along.  If you can give us just a few sentences that describe different models for fostering student or faculty-student scholarship that you have seen—whether those sentences include recommendations, cautionary tales, or just neutral reports—we’d love to see them.  Please e-mail them to either Joan Heminway ( or Eugene Volokh (  Submissions received by October 1 would be most useful to us in our planning, but feel free to respond later if you can’t reply by then.


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