Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New book by Professor Paul Campos "Don't Go To Law School (Unless)"

It's an e-book, released yesterday via Amazon, and from the summary below it seems less strident than his blog Inside the Law School Scam (the giveaway being the title which suggests there may valid reasons for attending law school after all). From Amazon:

Going to law school has become a very expensive and increasingly risky gamble. When is it still worth it? Law professor Paul Campos answers that question in this book, which gives prospective law students, their families, and current law students the tools they need to make a smart decision about applying to, enrolling in, and remaining in law school. Campos explains how the law school game is won and lost, from the perspective of an insider who has become the most prominent and widely cited critic of the deceptive tactics law schools use to convince the large majority of law students to pay far more for their law degrees than those degrees are worth.

DON’T GO TO LAW SCHOOL (UNLESS) reveals which law schools are still worth attending, at what price, and what sorts of legal careers it makes sense to pursue today. It outlines the various economic and psychological traps law students and new lawyers fall into, and how to avoid them. This book is a must-read if you or someone you care about is considering law school, or wondering whether to stay enrolled in one now.

Update: Professor Campos mentions the book on his blog today, thanking the many commentators at Inside the Law School Scam for the motivation to write it.  He says a print edition is coming.



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