Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Multimedia wiki helps British law students better learn legal skills

Below is the abstract of a paper that my Google news feed sent to me today touting what appears to be a proprietary multimedia wiki being used at City University in London to teach law students legal skills. The article is called Too cool for (law) school? Using technology to engage students in legal skills by City University Law Librarian Emily Allbon and can be downloaded here.  From the abstract:

Leading web portal Lawbore was first launched at City University by the law librarian in 2003, quickly connecting with students thanks to its bold, image-lead navigation and informal approach to presenting the law. In 2007 a new area, Learnmore, was added; a legal skills wiki born out of a desire to see the building blocks of law given more attention. It encompassed multimedia resources around mooting, research, legal writing and other skills. Collaboration with a new lecturer in 2010 kicked off a new era for the site - Learnmore is unique for its quirky style, utilisation of different mediums (text, video, audio, talking slideshows and prezi) and emphasis on student-collaborated content. Comments from students have been overwhelmingly positive: “Makes it stick more in my mind, ideal for people who are more “hands-on” and “the variety of resources is refreshing, not dull and boring like a book”. 2012 heralds a five-month JISC-funded Learnmore app development. This session will seek to look both at the practical elements of using technology to aid student learning in law and the pedagogical pros and cons of such a strategy. We explore the challenges involved in engaging students with the foundations of law (when all they want to do is start studying the ‘exciting’ subjects), alongside those involved in considering the best technological tool for embedding those skills. We discuss the fine line between using technology to connect via more informal means, and the risk of appearing to try to 'get down with the kids'.


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