Friday, September 28, 2012

Good Articles in the ABA Journal

The October issue has a number of valuable articles available online. Here they are:

The inside scoop on successful lawyering, in-house and out
Mark Herrmann, known for his “Inside Straight” column on the popular legal blog Above the Law, offers advice from the perspective of a lawyer who has worked as both outside and in-house counsel.
Underused tools to attract clients >>

Protecting directors and officers from personal financial, criminal liability

An executive protection program that coordinates common and statutory laws with insurance can help avoid a result in which either a corporation or its directors are unduly punished.
Claims against directors and officers are increasingly common >>

Put a stop to bullying in your law firm
Bullying isn't just on the playground anymore. It's even in the workplace. Law firms should have a protocol on how to deal with bullies as soon as a problem is identified. Try these steps.
Any allegation of bullying must be taken seriously >>

Beware: Blogs can be legal minefields
Horace Hunter sued the Virginia State Bar for the right to post news about clients' noteworthy cases on his firm's blog without labeling the information as advertising. Hunter and a panel discuss the case and the challenges that legal blogs present.
Should you blog about client cases? >>

Yes, small firms can snag big clients
Small firms can promote value pricing and ultra-attentive service over their larger competitors.
Keep quality high, even when prices are low >>

Prevent these professional pitfalls of social media
Heed this advice to maintain your reputation when tweeting or posting on Facebook outside of work.
Three standards to uphold >>

Divorce lawyers: Avoid a malpractice suit
An expert panel identifies the top 10 reasons matrimonial lawyers get sued and how they can avoid it.
Why managing client expectations matters >>

Be 'kind': Represent a child in immigration court
The ABA and Kids in Need of Defense are recruiting and training volunteer lawyers to represent immigrant children who have no counsel during removal proceedings.
Partnership provides training resources, including six free podcasts >>

Top tips for deposing an expert witness
A principal and a partner at an Illinois firm share 10 essential tactics.
Ask who, what, where, when, how, like a good direct examination >>

Want to win? Establish credibility
It's more than the law that helps you successfully try a case. There's body language, interpersonal actions and even apologies.
Clients often need 'credibility training' >>

Technology for more high-value work, efficiency boost
These six tips will help make your firm more productive.
Try a tablet for note-taking during meetings >>

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