Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Energy law considered hot specialty right now

But how many new attorney jobs is it going to create?  The Employment Insider is reporting that energy law as a specialty practice area is red hot right now because of advancements in fracking technology that have made turned parts of Texas and North Dakota, among other places, into boom towns.  While any news about growth in the legal sector is good, I'm thinking this is such a niche area of practice, only a handful of new grads have any chance of  landing a job doing doing energy law.  And those with the right background who worked in the energy industry before going to law school undoubtedly already have the few jobs out there locked up.  But if you think you've got a shot at it, then take comfort in the advice of the Employment Insider:

For law students interested in the energy market it is important to have knowledge in certain areas of the industry.

“The real issue is understanding natural resource issues and other legal aspects, like environmental issues,” [a legal recruiter] said.

The drilling advancements have opened up new opportunities to develop energy instead of seeking it in other countries. Ohio and western Pennsylvania in particular have become important in the market of natural gas; however, Texas is still considered the top state for energy. Houston-based Vinson & Elkins LLP, was ranked No.1 in the category for energy, gas and oil on Vault’s ranking for the best law firms in each practice area.



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