Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tips for improving your resume

From the Employment Insider:

Focus on their needs
Typically, job seekers will focus on their own goals in their resumes and cover letters (“I hope to gain meaningful experience from your internship”).  I would suggest you do the opposite. Picture the overworked hiring partners reading your resume. The firm approved a new hire and they are sifting through stacks of resumes. What do they want? Someone smart, who writes well, is easy to work with, and doesn’t need a lot of training, right?

Whatever practical experience you have that matches their job description (paid, or unpaid), is what they are looking for; focus on that. Tweak your resume so you have a detailed description of your experience in their practice area, or courses you have taken that match the skills they are seeking.  

Make it look pretty
I have seen a lot of ugly resumes. Text jammed together, tiny margins, distracting boxes and lines — you get the picture. The aforementioned tired hiring partners want to pick resumes out of the pile that are easy to read. I would stick to one page if possible. Pick a nice looking font: Times Roman is fine, but try another font, such as Garamond. Your whole resume will instantly look more attractive. 10 or 11 point is good; below that, and you are risking someone not reading your resume.

Bullet points or not? It’s up to you. If you go with bullet points, make sure your descriptions are detailed enough. I’ve read resumes with bullet points that just read “Researched and drafted memoranda of law.” Boring?  You bet.

Should you include your personal interests like reading or mountain climbing?  Click here to see what the Employment Insider recommends.


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