Friday, August 10, 2012

Students talk about interviewing with BigLaw

The Careerist blog spoke with some Emory students about their experiences interviewing with BigLaw last week (yes, interviews for positions next summer now begin in August).

Students Report On The Big Law Interview Process

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“This whole process feels exactly like sorority rush,” said one Emory Law student who didn’t want to be named because of several pending interviews. “They used to call it ‘mutual selection.’ You have to like the sorority, but the sorority has to like you too. There are quick introductions, and then soon after, you’re asked to make a lifetime commitment.”

For New York Big Law firms, students are carefully prescreened. Candidates, who submitted applications for interviews in mid-July, had to be in the top 10 or 30 percent of their class. Participation on law review and moot court was a bonus.

The students ran through as many as 10 tense, 20-minute interviews with recruiters in hotel rooms—a newer, presumably cost-saving measure that one student said felt a little too close for comfort.

After the interviews, the students talked about their nerves and queried one another with their afterthoughts: Do you tell the recruiter that after she took a sip of her latte, she just got foam on her nose? Is it too risky to make a joke about your past job in the, ah-hem, waste industry? (“It’s really crappy!”) What do you do when you sit down on the hotel room recliner and you sink so low your knees are practically touching your nose?

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“It’s really easy once you get in,” said a student, who, like the others, preferred not to use her name because of pending interviews. “They have already preselected you. Now they just want to know who you are beyond paper.“

Read more about the students' perspective here.


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