Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Does Diversity Add Value in Law School?

According to a recent study, the answer is yes.

From the National Law Journal (excerpts):

A study titled "Does Race Matter in Educational Diversity? A Legal and Empirical Analysis," concludes that law students actually do benefit from racial diversity on campus and that law schools should work to maintain diverse classes.

University of North Carolina School of Law professor Charles Daye conducted the research with UNC psychology professor A.T. Panter; University of California, Los Angeles sociology professor Walter Allen; and University of North Carolina at Greensboro professor emeritus Linda Wightman.

"Diversity matters in the way students conduct conversations in class, how they interpret cases, in the way they interact in social settings and with their professors," Daye said. "The students told us that they learn from each other: white students from black students and black students from white students."



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