Monday, August 20, 2012

Are you a solo who's thinking about becoming an adjunct law prof?

It can be a great experience with lots of intangible benefits (like the pleasure of imparting something valuable to students and the prestige of being a part time prof) but don't do it as a way to supplement your income. The time commitment is so great that in terms of an hourly wage, you'd make more working at Starbucks. That's the message of this story from the ABA Journal which notes that these days many solos are applying to work as adjuncts in order to supplement their income in a lousy job market. Following the story, several readers have posted comments recounting their own experiences working as adjuncts in which they pretty much say the same thing; it's a great experience but a huge time commitment and law schools unfortunately pay adjuncts only a pittance. It's also true that if you have aspirations of joining the faculty full-time, it's an unfortunate reality that very few adjuncts are able to cross-over.  It's just how things are, not how they should be.

Check out the article here and then scroll down to see the reader comments.

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