Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Use Twitter for Networking & Client Development

This post from Law Practice Today has some great advice and tips on using Twitter to market your expertise and generate clients. 

Twitter can be used for professional development and networking. 

“Twitter is unequivocally the best for professional development.  While LinkedIn might seem to be the more obvious choice, since it has, for quite some time, attained the put-upon status of ‘the professional’s social networking site’, Twitter features far more for the attorney seeking to develop as a professional person via the use of social networking. “

Twitter can be a useful tool for client development.

“If you can conceive of Twitter as the eternal networking event/cocktail party, then you can understand that the way you’ll develop referral pipelines through Twitter will occur in much the same way you’ll develop them in real life.”

The post also gives some advice for those new to Twitter about where and when to post. 



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