Saturday, June 2, 2012

SALT Blog Is Soliciting Posts

The SALTLaw Blog (Society of American Law Professors) is inviting people with innovative ideas to contribute postings.

For our summer theme, we are soliciting posts that consider the dynamics between law, society and legal education.  Here, “law and society” refers to both the specific field of academic inquiry as well as the broader dialectic between social and legal systems.  Likewise, “legal education” refers broadly to law schools, undergraduate programs in legal studies, as well as para-professional study.  With this theme we are hoping to attract a broad array of postings, including but not limited to how these areas of inquiry might inform and improve legal education, diversify approaches to legal training, and further social justice; topics might include new research models for legal inquiry, new challenges and innovations in clinics, and pedagogical models for law school classrooms.


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