Sunday, June 3, 2012

Now for something completely different - one university decides not to add a law school

It's St. John Fisher College in upstate New York. Our sister publication the Law Librarian Blog has the story.

"I think it was more a matter of the decision that given the strategic plan of the college, our vision of what it should be, we had other priorities. I think that was the main thing."

That was from from Dr. Donald Bain, President of St. John Fischer College on the four year old plan to open a law school in downtown Rochester, NY.  Further:

"We had thought about it at one point but we just found that other programs and projects that (sic) frankly we believe were more important to the college and also more important to our students especially."

Amazing.  A college president (and I assume a board of trustees) that read the studies and came to the conclusion that the school didn't need to invest in a law program.  With Syracuse, Buffalo, and Ithica, home to established law schools and not terribly far away, the Rochester area is not necessarily underserved.  There are fifteen law schools in New York State according to the New York State Unified Court System web site.  More on this is available from the local ABC News affiliate in Rochester.


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