Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Despite the bad press, some 0Ls think law school is a "golden ticket"

From Forbes, a guest column written by a fall 2012 matriculating law student.

Is Law School Still a Golden Ticket?

Whatever anyone says, I want my Golden Ticket.

That’s why I’ve decided to go to law school.

Like little Charlie Bucket in Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, I believe my golden ticket is my big chance to make my way.

Against popular opinion, and even the American Bar Association’s reports on the unemployment rate for newly minted J.D.s, I still romantically believe that law school has value and presents opportunities I may not have otherwise.

I got hooked on the idea of going to law school the way every wannabe hero law school applicant probably does.

Injustice Moves Me

An un-American injustice was thrown my way. Unable to accept fundamental unfairness, I wanted to fix it.

Best way to fix it myself requires a license to practice law. And, here we are.

I also have an innate fondness for the Little Guy.

A bachelor’s degree just does not allow you to send a Govern Yourself Accordingly nasty gram.

While I understand every law student is supposed to have an unrelenting affection for said Little Guy, and that said affection does not stop the student loan bills from showing up in the mailbox, one reason I am definitely not going to law school is just to make money.

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