Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Characteristics of Successful Chief Legal Officers

Russell Reynolds Associates published a new study that identifies key characteristics of successful chief legal officers.  This post from Law.com summarizes the study.

“The study analyzed data from 3,000 assessments administered to executives in jobs ranging from CEO and CFO to GC and CLO. The assessments were used to rate participants in core competencies such as decision-making approaches and relationship skills. RRA, based in New York City, isolated the results of legal officers and compared those to the results from other corporate leaders.

The firm identified eight characteristics exhibited by successful legal executives:
1. Socially Bold
2. Persuasive
3. Socially Confident
4. Competitive
5. Achieving
6. Decisive
7. Not Easily Excited
8. Mischievous…

[T]he RRA study’s findings suggest that legal executives should strive to become informed risk takers.”



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