Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What Clients Want

This post from Susan Van Dyke at Slaw.com gives advice from a legal marketing expert about what clients want in their lawyer.

The nine themes clients want include:
1.     Know my business.
2.    Don’t sue us.
3.    Ignore me at your peril.
4.    Show me value.
5.    Communicate with me.
6.    Stay in touch.
7.    Seize opportunities to learn about us.
8.    Manage my expectations.
9.    Anticipate my needs.

“Law students to seasoned partners ought to commit these to memory and practice them daily. It’s a formula for success. How do I know for sure? For 17 years clients have told me so.”

Hat tip Susan Cartier Liebel (@SoloPracticeU)



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