Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Is Facebook Just a Fad?

According to an msn story, half of all adults think so.

Even if Americans "Like" Facebook -- more than 40 percent of adults log in at least once a week -- they don't necessarily think their love will last. Half of us believe Facebook is just a passing fad, according to an Associated Press-CNBC poll. Half also think the social network's $100 billion valuation (more than Ford or Kraft or Disney) is overblown. But how many people actually use Facebook may simply be a factor of age. While only 21 percent of senior citizens and half of baby boomers have Facebook accounts, two-thirds of Gen X'ers and a remarkable 81 percent of those ages 18 to 35 do. 81 percent? Put that in your news feed.

Virtually all my students have subscribed to Facebook. And, of course, they have been warned that whatever they post—even if password  protected—may be accessed  by potential employers, who may  request the password.

A word to students who are externing for judges or government bodies: Delete from your social media accounts any postings concerning forthcoming elections, including plebiscites. Keep it completely nonpolitical.



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