Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Fun – Follow Creative Writing Professors on Twitter

If you need a change of pace in your reading for the summer, here is an interesting post from the Creative Type blog on listing 50 creative writing professors to follow on Twittter.

“Writers love Twitter. The reason? We work in solitary confinement--a short distance from the fridge and coffeemaker and often with a dog or cat or two to keep us company while we stare at a screen. Twitter is our water cooler, our cocktail party, our cafe. So when we need a break and want to talk about books and other things literary, many of us turn to Twitter. And with its 140-character limit, Twitter sharpens our wordsmithing and can even be a source of inspiration.”

There are several writers listed.  You can also see the “top 50” at WorldWideLearn here.


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