Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fordham Law Offers a Marketing Class

Led by Professor Silvia Hodges (on right), who holds a Ph.D. in law firm marketing, the class is unapologetically practical. Students are urged to treat every class as a business meeting and are required to develop their own business plan, blog regularly on a practice area, and do practice pitches to hypothetical clients. And instead of listening to lectures by legal scholars, they hear directly from law firm marketing directors and consultants.

The class makes no bones that lawyering is now all about business these days. Having a book of business is a prophylactic that will "protect partners from being deequitized, or worse, squeezed out during the recession," says Hodges.

Here’s the article from the Careerist. Here’s the course description from the  law school’s website:

Law Firm Marketing

In this course you will learn to develop marketing and business development techniques that will help you land a job, market yourself to clients, and kickstart your own firm. We will use Harvard Business School case studies and have guest lecturers from successful solos to BigLaw.

Credits: 3


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