Thursday, May 17, 2012

BigLaw partner may have lost job over unprofessional emails sent to opposing counsel

After a series of angry, threatening emails from a BigLaw partner to opposing counsel in connection with the scheduling of some depos, it appears that the offending attorney has been forced to resign from his firm.  Among the invectives directed at opposing counsel, the former partner called him a "pussy, " a "pansy," an "ignorant slut and gutless attorney" and then threatened to shove his boot so so far up the attorney's, um, butt "that he'll be talking out it." Once the string of emails surfaced publicly, the firm announced that the offending partner was no longer employer there and his bio has been removed from the firm's website. You can get all the lurid details over at Above the Law by clicking here but for now, here's a taste of the exchange that led to the apparent ouster of this overly aggressive litigation partner:


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