Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Two Books for Future Lawyers

On my desk, I have two very practical books: one for all new lawyers and one for an aspiring lawyer in a specialized area.

The first is The Associate as Rainmaker by David King Keller. It’s never too early for a young lawyer to begin attracting and holding clients. An ABA publication and therefore an expensive $99.95. Ask your library to order it. 

The second is Careers in Animal Law by Yolanda Eisenstein. According to the author, over 100 law schools offer courses in animal law, one of the fastest growing legal disciplines. Another ABA publication, and at  $54.95, another book for your library to purchase. 


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E-books and POD partially help to restore the pre-modern state of affairs. Up until the 20th century, some books first appeared as a series of pamphlets (often published in daily papers or magazines) or were sold by subscription. Serialized e-books resort to these erstwhile marketing ploys

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