Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2010-2011 Survey of Applied Clinical Legal Education available now!

Thanks to Professor Robert R. Kuehn, former President of CLEA , for sending this to me. 

The Center for the Study of Applied Legal Education’s (CSALE) Report on the 2010-11 Survey of Applied Legal Education is now available on CSALE’s website:  The report details the results of CSALE’s second triennial survey of law school clinic and field placement programs.  Over 84% of accredited law schools responded to the survey, providing information on program design, capacity, administration, funding, pedagogy, and promotion and retention standards at their schools.  In addition, 470 clinical educators filled out a separate survey with information on their characteristics and terms of employment.  Upon request, CSALE also can generate customized reports cross-tabulating various aspects of the raw survey data.


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