Sunday, March 11, 2012

Will Lawyers Buy the New iPad?

Most lawyers probably won’t, according to some experts:

However, as happened with the recent incremental upgrade from the iPhone 4 smartphone to the 4S, the new features may not lead to mass upgrades. "I don't think, if you have an iPad 2, unless you're a technology person like I am, that this is a mandatory upgrade for a lawyer," said TabletLegal blogger Josh Barrett, of Portland, Ore.-based Black Helterline. "For a lawyer, and what a lawyer needs from an iPad, I think that's probably the case," agreed Tom Mighell, of rival blog iPad 4 Lawyers, who works at the Contoural consultancy in Dallas. Both said they will probably purchase the 64GB Wi-Fi model of the new iPad.

At least one prominent practitioner agrees:

Foley & Lardner CIO Doug Caddell agreed with the bloggers. Caddell carries an industry reputation for being a forward-thinker with technology, but he's concerned that 4G connections will quickly exceed data plans, leading to what's known as throttling -- having your connection intentionally slowed by cellular networks when approaching the limits of your data plan. The high-resolution screen will tempt people to download movies and large documents, he noted, which all require intense network bandwidth. 

Here’s the full article  from Law Technology News.


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