Friday, March 9, 2012

CBS Evening News coverage of hard times for law grads

This story, called Lean Times for Law Grads, aired last night on the CBS Evening News. In it, a recent grad from a third tier school, who says he graduated in the top 25% of his class, talks about how he works as a waiter because he can't find employment as a lawyer (there's a post-script in which we're told he eventually secured a part-time legal job). Mention is made of the pending lawsuit against 15 schools accused of misleading students about post-grad job prospects. And Professor Paul Campos is interviewed, telling the reporter that "many of the people who are going to law school right now are never going to be lawyers" because of structural changes in the profession resulting from outsourcing and technology that is replacing lawyers for certain tasks. The story is nothing new to lawyers and legal educators but it's still worth noting when the national press picks up on it.

Hat tip to ATL.


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