Thursday, March 29, 2012

California's LaVerne School of Law gets provisional ABA accreditation (again)

There are now 19 - yes 19! - ABA accredited or provisionally accredited law schools in California.  From The Faculty Lounge:

Last spring we watched the unfolding saga of the University of LaVerne School of Law. The then ABA provisionally accredited law school lost its bid for full accreditation and instead got stripped of provisional accreditation. The school waived its right to submit written comments and the ABA waived the ten month waiting period for reapplication. In January, the dean resigned. Now the school has again received provisional accreditation from the ABA. The letter is here.

If you include all the state-only accredited and unaccredited schools, California has a total 62 law schools according to this list on Wikipedia. Incredible!


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