Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tips for backing up desktop data (but lawyers need to be more judicious)

Here's an interesting juxtaposition of articles.  This one, Losing Is for Losers: It’s Easier Than Ever to Back Up Your Work from the Chronicle of Higher Ed, reminds us that when it comes to our desktop work files, backing them up is like flossing; we need to do it everyday but sometimes don't (and that can cost us big time later on).

Then there's this somewhat related post from the Law Technology News blog that when it comes to preserving electronic files that may become the subject of discovery requests during litigation, lawyers need to develop a cost and time efficient strategy that doesn't waste resources on unnecessary over-preservation while still making sure you're saving enough to avoid possible court sanctions. The post, What Causes Lawyers to Over-Preserve?, discusses the pros and cons of several e-file preservation strategies from saving it all to taking a more surgical approach.

It's time we change the maxim from "preserve broadly" to "preserve carefully." Many preservation efforts are thoughtless and mechanical, designed by those loath to turn a discriminating eye to the task. While no approach to email preservation is wholly without risk or cost, knowing your options helps you to "right size" the approach.

Continue reading about e-file preservation strategies at LTN by clicking here.



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