Saturday, February 18, 2012

Student Lost in Professor’s Office

A student went missing in my office--somewhere back in the mazes of shelves, stacked books, papers and files--for nearly three weeks. 

Rescue crews were sent in, but found that they, too, became disoriented and made it back out with much difficulty.  (This was before the advent of GPS.) Guide lines were tied off at the office door, and rescuers were warned to keep the lines in hand as they navigated the often confusing terrain.  Calls echoed through the canyons, only to return unanswered. 

The search was called off after ten days, and the college community tried to come to terms with the loss of one of its own.  A memorial service was held. 

Miraculously, the student found his way out and emerged in relatively good health.  He had survived on half-eaten donuts and the liquids found in abandoned water bottles and coffee cups scattered about the shelves and other flat surfaces.

 From the Chronicle of Higher Education (a comment on an article).  Sounds like my office before I engaged in a major clean-up.


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