Monday, January 9, 2012

Tips for Working from Home - Apply to Study Habits

This post from Fast Company caught my eye today.  People working from home are not the only ones who need to be productive and help limit distractions.  The advice is useful for those of us working from an office and our law students, whether in class, the library, or off campus.

Here are some of the tips from the post:

- “Look the Part, Be the Part”
Keeping up rituals, routines, and appearances is how you train yourself to do your work when you're supposed to, and set aside the fun stuff for after hours.

- “Schedule offline social time; batch your online social time”
Don’t open addictive sites until your scheduled social break time

- “Realize when the problem is motivation, not space”
sometimes you have to step back and look at other reasons why you're avoiding the work that needs doing. Is it really because you don’t want to do it?

Good advice for most of us! 



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