Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tips for making better use of LinkedIn as a marketing tool

According to this consultant interviewed by the blog Business Insider, 80% of LinkedIn members aren't using it correctly as a marketing tool.

By now, most of us have LinkedIn profiles. But it's not enough to simply park your resume there, says Victoria Ipri, CEO of Modello Media, a strategy firm that offers LinkedIn consulting.

"I think we're going to see in 2012 people engaging in the platform the way it's supposed to be. The power isn't the profile, it's the people," Ipri told us.


"I think there's so much emphasis on creating a dynamic profile that people forget LinkedIn is about outreach. It's about sharing information, viewpoints and becoming a thought leader in your own community."

Here are some tips for making better us of it to scare-up business.

1. Groups that are similar to you are your competitors and you won't get any business by just connecting with them. You want to join groups that are similar to you so that you can network and participate in discussion panels, but you don't want those groups to be your only connections because essentially those are your competitors.


"The main goal is to not stick with the pack because there's no business within the pack."


2. Just because LinkedIn allows you to join 50 groups doesn't mean you should. You can't actively participate in 50 groups. Ipri says eight to ten is plenty.


3. Always write your summary in first person, not in third person. Write it like you're speaking directly to your readers.


4. Always include your contact information. Most people say they want to be contacted, but a lot of people don't tell people how to contact them. They leave no contact information. Ipri says a lot of this is fear and that people are afraid, but this is pointless because your contact information is probably already accessible through a quick Google search.


5. When choosing a headline, use words that are relevant to your skills and words people would use to search for you.

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