Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Embedding Professionalism in Legal Education

A recent article by Denise Platfoot Lacey advocates that law schools go beyond classroom teaching of ethics to evaluate their students' professional conduct in law school.  This is an excellent idea. Law students need to learn how to act like professionals in law school.

Abstract: There has been a repeated call to incorporate professionalism training in legal education in order to assist students in developing professionalism. While law schools have begun to answer this call, they often fail to teach and assess actual professionalism behaviors of their law students. Such failure results in lost opportunities to impart to law students the expectations of the legal profession, as well as to help them to develop the highest standards of conduct. This article will present information about a model of professionalism assessment in medical education and how it can be integrated into legal education to facilitate the teaching and evaluation of professionalism in law students.

(Scott Fruehwald)


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See Cooley Law School's web page at www.cooley.edu/ethics to see what a law school has done that has received the ABA award for their professionalism programming.

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