Monday, December 5, 2011

Quieting Electronic “Noise” – Be More Productive

This post at Law Practice Today gives some great advice for legal professionals on how to be less distracted by electronic “noise” and more productive in the workplace.  Law students, especially as they are preparing to take semester finals, should also heed this advice.

“There are only so many hours in a workday. We like to think that we are in control of our time during those hours -- but most of us, in fact, are not. Slowly but surely, we have ceded control of our time to “noise” in our workplace environment.
Every interruption at work – the pinging an electronic device, the juggling of multiple demands, the time spent chatting with a friendly colleague – takes focus from the task at hand. You feel busy -- but you’re not getting much done. You are confusing activity with productivity.
In order to be focused and productive, most lawyers and other legal professionals need to take back their time – setting aside a certain amount of quiet time within their “noisy” electronic, interpersonal and physical environments.”

For law students, social media and surfing the net seem to be two of the biggest distractions from being productive.  Learning how to manage time wisely is a skill that law students should develop and carry with them into practice.  I would think that pulling "all-nighters" would get old in practice! 



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